Friday, May 17, 2013

Earth-centered Amazing Grace

I visited Susa Silvermarie's website recently, and found these beautiful lyrics to Amazing Grace:

Amazing Grace, how sweet the earth,
the dirt between my toes,
the sun pours down upon my crown,
the mighty river flows.
Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
of bird song in the trees,
the air is dense with fragrant scents
soft floating on the breeze.
Amazing Grace the ocean swells,
the waves break on the shore,
the moonlight rides upon the tides,
oh, who could ask for more.
Now we’ve been here four million years
sustained at her sweet breast,
let’s sing her praise for all our days,
then in her womb we’ll rest.
© 1995 by ElIzabeth Cunningham. Reprinted by permission. For more information or permission to reprint:
Wouldn't it be wonderful to hear these lyrics sung, often and everywhere?